Dragons rule whole swaths of land to the east and the sparse and weak nation-states and city-states of the Western lands look over their shoulders every day with anxiety and wonder what horrors might be visited upon Lord and Commoner alike if the Dragon Lords expand their organized and established kingdoms in their direction.

Vile Dragon cults loyal to the Queen of Evil Dragons try to recruit both willing followers or fresh victims, from what is left of the tattered remains of the Human Empire of Nerath and the kingdoms it sheltered under its banner of Freedom. The Dark Queens’s champion on Argus, the shadowy being know as the Thunderwyrm rules from Thunder-Mountain, known as Thas-Hasax to the dwarven race, and plots on how to further his dark mysteriousness’s agenda for benefit of all the peoples’ of the world of Argus.

Where you come in?

But you… you! You have the attention and the ear of a wealthy merchant who is a dwarven-lord or would be a lord if his kingdom was not under the watchful and baleful eyes of the ThunderWyrm, the very location known as Thunder Mountain to those who speak only in common but to the dwarfs it is know as Thas-Hasax... unfortunately right now it is the very seat of the ThunderWyrm and his hold on power.

But dark fetid swamps spilling over with Bullywugs and the dead who still linger in those dark-waters, putrid from ages of decay, and dark Forests filled with evil Fey plus not to mention the Badlands of Harrows Pass that have their own dangers lay between you and your eventual goal.

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Dwarven Lords of Nerath and the Dragons of Greed